I began as a traditional sculptor at the same time which was introduced in the world of animation.Dedicated for more than 7 years to the world of the production of films and animated series, he decided to focus their knowledge for mixing some of his 2 passions, 3D animation and traditional sculpture.
And so I began 5 years ago to focus on the digital sculpture.
Today I remains in contact with the production of films and animated series.
Not only do the digital sculpture from a design given by the customer ,I  also design the final product in any style:realistic, cartoon, manga,… depending on the desires of the client.
I have worked with a big number of important licenses, as you will be able to verify in the banners of the right, Marvel,DC,Disney -Pixar,Universal Studios…which have supervised and approved his work.
Many of these products you will be able to see them in my portfolio and others have not even gone out to the light.
The experience endorses me with companies that keep on trusting in my services as ARH Studios, Gentle Giant, McFarlane Toys,Kotobukiya  and others.
And above all my passion and respect for this profession.